Withnell Brickworks  - after closure. A superbly atmospheric photo.
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The sidings to Withnell Brickworks left the mainline north of Withnell Station and were controlled by a signal box with the name Withnell Brick Sids. The brickworks was a large complex and produced bricks and ornate ceramics. Although it was proving difficult to find information and photos for this area of the line, many have now come to light. In March 2014 John Hardman sent me a photo which shows the ornate ceramics at the works, and considering it was taken c1904 they look very much like today’s products found in garden centres throughout the UK. In March 2014 walked the trackbed and found the location of the sidings and signal box into the Brickworks - much survives, including bricks produced all those years ago. The local historian Steve Williams kindly sent me some photo’s - his, John Hardman’s and mine are below and hopefully will give the reader an idea of how it used to be!
Left;  The old iron post (sign long gone) marks the start of the sidings when approaching from Withnell and above is the view of the trackbed today. The siding would have branched off to the left from where this photo was taken, the signal box would have been visible just left of centre beyond the fallen branches
.Withnell Brickworks  - after closure, The siding ran in between the two chimneys  (Steve Williams Talks)
Ariel view showing the siding curving in to the left
circa 1904/5 -  A large selection of the products produced at Withnell Brickworks. Note the 10 ton goods wagons in the siding at the top of the photo. Thanks to John  Harding for this excellent photograph
Site of signal box
A piece of coal from an engine or the signal box
Look carefully and you can see the base of a telegraph pole, it’s anchor point and next to the pole is an old signal post. The siding ran behind the box
The only photo I’ve ever seen of the box - Thanks to Steve Williams Talks
The frame inside the box. Note the main line out of the top window  (Steve Williams Talks)
Photo showing the siding leaving the mainline.
Several piles of bricks still there today
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