Commonwealth Games 2002

On Saturday 3rd August 2002 the Commonwealth Games came to Rivington with the Road Race events. The Ladies race began at 9am and the men's event started at 1pm. Below are a  few pictures from the Men's race.



The course


Before the race started. This is the view down to a checkpoint


TV gantry from the embankment of Yarrow reservoir


Looking down to Anglezarke reservoir from Yarrow Reservoir's embankment. Crowds are beginning to build up.


One of the first team cars to come through just prior to the cyclists


This rider had made an early break and was the first to come through.


The main group approach


Closer view - but somewhat blurred


Another of the team cars


A lonely race marshal after all the riders have passed on the first lap


An official car leads the pack on the next lap


Official motorbikes with the cyclists just appearing in the distance


An English rider leads but it was not to finish that way with Australia taking the first three positions


The rider in green is Stephen Gallagher from Northern Ireland. He went on to finish in 23rd position


One of several helicopters following the race


The view towards Alance Bridge


A close up of the TV camera at Alance Bridge


Sammy Joseph of St Lucia was one of the tail enders. He did not finish the race


Another helicopter flies overhead


This shot was taken from Peewit Hall. The cyclists are just visible as thet approach Moses Cocker


The eventual winner was Stuart O'Grady, followed by Cadel Evans with Baden Cooke in third.