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White Coppice, Anglezarke & Rivington
These pages are the result of two things, firstly my own curiosity about the ruins; who lived in them, what the houses looked like, why they became ruins etc. The second, because of the hard work and research done by the late David Clayton, who wrote an excellent book entitled "Lost Farms of Brinscall Moor" and who I wish to thank for significantly broadening my knowledge of the area. Without David's book these pages would never have been. So, if you are interested in these old buildings and the area itself, I recommend that you to buy the book, for I will not be detailing stories, names or events from the book.The aim of these pages is to show more photos of the farms and their surrounding area than the book could do, and also to give detailed walking directions as I found some of the descriptions in the book a little misleading at times. APPEAL - I am looking for photographs of any of the 48 farms or their occupants before the farms became the ruins they are today, to put on these pages to show what they looked like. If you have any such pictures I would be very grateful if you could email them to me, or contact me if you cant email them. I will of course credit/copyright the photos to you.