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Chorley To Cherry Tree Stations Sidings Along the Line Photo's Local Life magazine
Feniscowles Station was adjacent to Livesey Branch Road and like Brinscall the station was elevated above the surrounding area. The railway crossed Livesey Branch Road over a bridge. The station had a large goods yard close by with 6 sidings and a goods shed. The reason it was large was because there was two paper mills close by, those being Star Paper Mill and Sun Paper Mill. Due to the geographical conditions it was not feasible to run sidings directly to the mills. Also there was produce to be transported from the local farms. There were no industrial sidings around Feniscowles
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In the summer of 2010 I was walking on the canal at Withnell Fold when I met a cyclist. We got chatting and this website came up in our conversation and he asked if I had any photos of the Chorley - Blackburn line, explaining that his Father had worked on the railway. I said I had and we exchanged emails. I now know that his father was Alec Radnedge and he was the signal man at Feniscowles. The family had moved into the station house there in 1956. During his time there he received a commendation for his quick thinking in halting/holding a passenger train at Brinscall due to a landslip near Feniscowles -  the railway embankment had slipped into the nearby canal.
Feniscowles was the last section of the line to be operated because deliveries of goods for the paper mills were still being made. Those deliveries ceased in 1968 and the line closed. The Radnedge family stayed until 1974. If you see this Stephen, I do hope you like all the photo’s.
Photo: A Radnedge
1967 - there was a derailment on the line and a steam crane was sent to re-rail it. This is the view from the signal box and Feniscowles Station is in the distance. To the right of the engine is the goods shed. The rails of the Chorley bound mainline have been lifted and are laid out ready for removal
The Radnedge Family aboard the steam crane in 1967 The breakdown train had been sent from Lostock Hall Depot, headed by a Stanier 8F engine. This was the last steam locomotive to visit the branch.
Photo: A Radnedge
Feniscowles Station on 11/4/1957  The bridge just beyond the platform crosses over Livesey Branch Road. Note too, the steepness of the decline down to Cherry Tree. This, and the photo below are the only close up photo’s I have seen of Feniscowles Station - and I am indebted to Mr RM Casserley for providing me with, and allowing me to use these photos from his Father’s extensive collection (© RM Casserley)
11/4/1957 This photograph is taken as the train is pulling out of the station on its way to Cherry Tree. It shows the full view of the station, As at all the stations along this line, the signal box is at the end of the platform and can be seen here in front of the goods shed.
(© RM Casserley)
An aerial view of Feniscowles Station taken in the 1960s. Feniscowles was always a busy station, not for passengers but for freight. As can be seen, the sidings in the goods yard are pretty much full.