And yes, there was a platelayer’s trolley. Not the kind with handles that two people could push up and down, but a simple, four-wheeled flat trolley that we would push up and down the remaining tracks. One day, though, this trolley was being pushed down the gradient towards Cherry Tree and a Policeman suddenly jumped out of the undergrowth! Everyone quickly scarpered back up the line, not daring to look back. The pulp trains continued to come up once a week for a time after that, pulled by a diesel shunter. In 1969 these trains finally came to an end, as the pulp went via road and all the track was lifted. The goods yard office and signal box was also burned to the ground. It was a very sad day. For years afterwards there was always smoke and an odd smell coming from where the signal box once stood. This was because when the box was burned to the ground, it set alight the underground cinders that the embankment was made of. However, the shunting shed buildings survived. In the end, the whole of the goods yard and station house was put up for sale by British Railways and was bought by a company that made packing cases. The smaller of the two shunting sheds was demolished but the larger one was covered over by sheet metal and survived until recently. We finally had to move out in the early 1970s and the station house was unfortunately demolished, but the memories will last forever.
Above Stephen, Mark and Paul in front of the Goods Yard office with the signal box sign
Below 70015 Apollo before leaving for Blackburn with ‘The Lancastrian’ railtour
John with the kestrel
Below After the lines were lifted
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