The woods on the The Nab are very varied; rangeing from British trees to newer foreign trees like conifers. This mixed woodland provides a habitat for bird life and a place of enjoyment for people. There are numerous paths thoughout, and recently a bike track has been built which is popular and bringing people from near and far.


19/11/2006 - This is the entry point to the woods from the north, off Higher House Lane. Auumn is special as the leaves rustle underfoot and colours abound


19/11/2006 - This is the path to the quarry and dappled with sunlight

19/11/2006 - After passing the quarry there is a section of pine woods, where years of shedding neeles has made a springy carpet underfoot


19/11/2006 - Returning to Higher House Lane, woods are still to the right, as is this caravan which has lovely views to the coast


19/11/2006 - Looking back to the Nab, the woods give an impression of thick dark forest, but its not. It's light and airey for the mostpart.


17/2/2008 - This path is in the pine woods and crosses the cycle track. Some thinning of the trees has taken place recently. There are still plenty of times when there are no bikes and so remains a nice, quiet and enjoyable walk which brings you out at Grey Heights summit

23/6/2010 - Further south stand these fine and colourful conifers.



10/10/2010 - Mixed woodland and many paths provide enjoyable walking

17/10/2010 - Woods and meadow is the scenery on the top of the Nab.