This small oak stands alone and takes all that the weather from the coast can throw at it - but stand it does. It adds that focal point needed to make a good photograph.


24/7/2010 The path to Limbick follows the fence down to the left.


15/9/10 On a somewhat hazy day the tree makes a silhouette against the distant land. Harrock Hill is in the distance


15/9/10 As the sun sets, an amber glow forms. St George's and St Mary's spires grow out of the haze


24/9/10 A good sunset over the coast - but the lights are coming on in Chorley


24/9/10 Taken a little later than the previous photo, the tree towers above Chorley


6/11/10 Autumn has arrived and a few amber leaves remain on the top of the tree. In the distance are Booths Supermarket, Chorley Town Hall and the very 1960's looking Police Station.


25/2/19 A bright and cold winter's day