The top of Healey Nab has a charm of its own. A magical place, where, given the right conditions sunsets can not be bettered. Below are some of the better ones. I will add to this page any more I may capture


09/08/2010 - The black storm cloud extended from a few miles inland all the way to, and over the Nab. However, Blackpool was is glorious late evening sunshine


24/09/2010 - another nice sunset over the coast, this time nearer to Southport.


Silhouette of oil rig


05/10/2010 - The new trees on the Nab are silhouetted against the evening sky


5/10/2010 - last light on 't Nab


5/10/2010 - lovely sunset


9/10/2010 - Tree silhouettted


12/10/10 - Another fine sunset photo