The top of Healey Nab has a charm of its own. A mystical place, where, considering its closeness to Chorley you can still find solitude. Another factor which gives it its charm is the variety of landscapes it offers, old woods, new woods, open spaces, quarries, ponds and colours that change magnificently with the seasons. It has it all


Grey Heights summit cairn


...and another view of it on a nice day. The pictures were taken two years apart - but note the difference in the cairn's shape


A reminder that farming is still alive and well up here on the top


17/02/08 - The view northwards from the top quarry


17/02/08 - Here is a frozen Blue Waters


10/10/10 - a lovely day. This is one of the quieter areas of the Nab


This area is not grazed and is left to grow naturally


10/10/10 - There are good views over to Black Coppice. Autumn provides some stunning colours


Autumn provides some stunning colours

Wide open space with Black Coppice in the distance


One of several paths to the top is on the other side of the fence near the trees


30/10/2010 - The great view from above the Blue Waters


Living up to its name.
Autumn colours