The Nab provides food and refuge to a wide range of wildlife. As can be seen below, deer are thriving. Birds from small blue tits to large owls, can be seen too.


4/6/2008 - A mother deer with a few scars on her abdomen


4/6/2008 - minutes later we saw her again

2/6/2010- a couple of years later and a different deer roaming free


9/8/2010 - I went for an evening walk and in the undergrowth spotted this beauty


Another view of it - nice to know they are thriving. The most I've seen is a group of four.


24/9/2010 - The rown are so colourful in Autum


17/10/2010 - The colours stand out with Black Coppice being a backdrop


17/10/2010 - highly poisenous, but beaufiful looking mushrooms

Here is a close up of one of them