The views from most places on the top area of the Nab are good as this page will hopefully show. To the south lay the reservoirs of Rivington, to the West is Chorley, the Lancashire Plain and the coast, to the North is the Lake District and The Trough of Bowland and to east lay Wheelton Moor, Anglezarke Moor and Great Hill


August 1980 - To start us off this picture taken from Higher House Lane shows the cooling tower, the large chimney and the factory towerblock at the Witter's factory. The chimney was very tall and was a landmark for miles around. Just over the hill with the horse on, lay the "rag field". This was a large area with paper and cloth in it - presumably for the manufacture of linoleum. Apparently rats abounded there.

Other landmarks are Bagganley Mill tower (far Left) St Georges, Chorley, then the cooling tower and St Mary's Chorley in the centre



October 1980

Waterman's Cottage surrounded by autumnal colour sits at the foot of Stronstrey Bank






Very little change in nearly 30 years; one chimney pot removed and a shed has been located where the person is sitting in the 1980 picture, and the trees have grown.




Above: 11/03/2007 Taken from Healey Nab. Comparing this to the photo below (1980) Bagganley Mill has been demolished, as have all the factory chimneys. The M61 is very much quieter than today's busy motorway. Stone from Healey Nab was used to construct the motorway


1980 Bagganley Mill was still manufacturing. The two central chimneys were Corporation Street Mill and Witter's Water Street mill. Witter's had four factories in Chorley, namely Heapey, Water Street, Froom Street and Cowling Mill


17/02/08 - A lovely February day. Hazy views to Chorley and Harrock Hill


17/02/2008 - Clifffe Farm (bottom right) and the view to the North East and Brinscall


17/04/2010 - A nice spring day and the view and the south easterly view to Rivington Pike


17/04/2010 - Reflections of silver birch in Anglezarke Reservoir near Waterman's Cottage


18/05/2010 - Waterman's Cottage, and it is beginning to be hidden by new bushes. The water level appears to be kept lower than it was in 1980.


28/05/2010 - Zooming in on Rivington Pike and the Pigeon Tower. Notice Chorley Reservoir in the foreground. Healey Nab is the only place you can get a distant view of this reservoir. It is the smallest of the Rivington reservoirs and the oldest. Originally built by Chorley Council to provide water for the ever expanding town, it was bought by Liverpool and added to their system when they built the other reservoirs (see here for more details)

02/06/2010 - zooming in on the barn at Siddow Fold - also known as "The Gamekeepers Cottage". The Hawthorn is at its best at this time of year. An extract from George Birtill's 1966 book "The Enchanted Hills" says:-

They (the moors) are the home of the grouse and evidence of this is the next building one comes too - the gamekeeper's cottage. Its old name is Siddow Fold and according to the stone over the door, it was built in 1707, in the reign of Queen Anne. The initials that accompany the the date are those of John Newton, a preacher at Rivington. The I stands for J in old carvings of this kind.

The view from here includes the wooded side of Chorley Nab, a reminder of the days when sportsmen hunted a larger quarry than grouse. The Healey woods, part of a royal park extending from Blackrod, no doubt provided acorns for the boar.


23/06/2010 - The track down to Cliffe Farm gives extensive views over to The Pine Woods at Brinscall


24/07/2010 - Siddow Fold again. Note the Hawthorn bush no longer stands out as it did in the photo earlier.


2/7/2010 - The North Easterly view to White Coppice


24/72010 - the view south across Rivington's reservoirs, and the Reebok Stadium, home of Bolton Wanderers.


24/07/2010 - This s the view from the meadow on the southern slopes of the Nab to Winter Hill and Rivington Pike


24/09/2010 - With storm clouds approaching, the waters of Anglezarke and Rivington reservoirs are turned a lavendar colour.


10/10/2010 - Anglezarke Reservoir shimmers in the weak autumn sunshine


17/10/2010 - sheep graze high above Chorley. Note Morrison's chimney, a listed structure and one of only two chinmeys left in the town.


24/10/2010 - zooming in on the Pigeon Tower and The Pike.


30/10/2010 - this picture shows how White and Black Coppice's gained their name


This is the view aproaching from the North and looking in a south westerly direction to Harrock and Parbold Hills


Taken from the top quarry this view shows Preston and Deepdale (the home of Preston North End) in the distance. The white bar (centre) is a bridge crossing the M61 at Whittle-le-Woods.