Walk 11 Stronstrey Bank and White Coppice Quarries



2.07 miles


1 hrs 30 mins

Min Height

Max Height 925'
Height Gain 475'


Continual climb to Winter Hill. Stone tracks and moorland paths. Excellent Views.

The starting point for this walk is the lay by on Moor Rd Anglezarke. It is just past Siddow Fold after the climb from Waterman's Cottage. (Grid Ref SD619175)

Please note; this is a short circular walk but some people may find it very strenuous, especially the quarry section were, depending on how much explorating you do, may involve some scrambling and the steep descent from the quarries is hard going. However, if you feel up for it, it will give you some of the finest views in the area. Seldom do I do this - but due to the nature of the walk I must put a disclaimer in and state that white-coppice.co.uk cannot be held responsible for any injuries you may incur, and that if you do this walk, you do so at your own risk.



Across the road from the lay-by is a stile and gate, Go over the stile and avoiding the marshy ground turn and head north (diagonally left) climbing the slope as you go. As you get higher you will see a fence coming up from your left which stops abruptly and turns 90 degrees to the north. Head for the top end of the fence and follow it northwards.

The landowners have placed a fence running the length of Stronstrey Bank and although I don't approve of causing damage, people have cut the fence in several places to gain access to the stunning views that are to be had from various points on the edge of the Bank. It may be more cost effective if some access points were strategically placed along the fence allowing people to get to points of interest, one being the standing stone at Grid Ref SD 619178. Click here for more info regarding this stone.After visiting the stone and admiring the views it's time to move on. Making your way back to the main path continue for another 300 yards and there is another stone on its edge, probably as a result of quarrying activity. It's possible to sit on this stone with the drop in front of you and the views immense. A great place for a snack or a coffee.From here it isn't long before reaching the quarries. There are three in total and I have numbered them with No 1 being nearest to White Coppice.So after leaving the second standing stone, you will arrive at a dilapidated stone wall. After crossing it turn left and head for the end of the fence that runs around the top of the quarry. Below you is a steep drop. However, turn sharp right and follow the fence around Quarry 3, along the top over the small quarry 2 and then round and start descending to the north of quarry 1, using the fence to give you safety and stability. If you wish you can follow this sweeping path down to the main track, but it is far more interesting to explore quarry 1, then make the steep climb up slippery slopes to quarry 2 which is small and higher than quarry 1. The path from quarry 2 to quarry 3 is narrow but should not cause too much of a problem. Quarry 3 is the largest and deepest of the three with vertical cliffs on three sides. I have one memory I will never forget of this quarry - in the early 1980s I was sat on the cliff top at the back of the quarry when suddenly the ground trembled, it was an earth tremor and it lasted 30 seconds, I got up and ran away from the quarry edge!

After exploring the last quarry continue heading south towards a stone wall and fence that run from the top of Stronstrey Bank to the floor below. Take care when descending - it's steep. At the bottom head for the main path and turn left. Follow the main track for half a mile. Look out for a stile away on the left and make your way to it. Cross the stile and follow the path through the woods. This will bring you out on Moor Rd, half way up the steep incline to Siddow Fold (The Gamekeeper's Cottage as some know it). Turn left and head back to the lay-by