Pictures from Walk 11 - Stronstrey Bank and White Coppice Quarries
The following photographs taken on Walk 11


View from the lay-by. Enter the field over a stile to the right of the gate and then make your way towards the top left of the photo


As you climb this is the view to your left to Siddow Fold (Gamekeeper's Cottage) and Healey Nab


And this is the view to your right, up to Grain Pole Hill


A little higher now, Healey Nab and the coast beyond

After following the fence for 200 yards this standing stone at Grid Ref SD619178 can be seen on the left (see The Modern Antiquarian l for more info.. Excellent views from here too


Looking northwards along the edge from near the stone


The field after the first line of trees belonged to a farm called Margery's Place, which was to the right of this photo and just before the bridge that crosses the Goit. Evidence of the old mine workings that took place in the field can still be seen. The pits are marked on old maps


The footpath along Stronstrey Bank


A great vista is to be had sat on this stone. Have 5 minutes and take in the views.... this one down to the foot of Anglezarke reservoir


Nearing the quarries. Search for old mill stones, for there are several about this abandoned stone


White Coppice from the steep slope by quarry no 3


An excellent view from the southern edge of Quarry 3


Above the quarries looking down on White Coppice


The Pigeon Tower or Dovecote as it is Great Hill from the quarries


Looking down into Quarry 1


An old rail from the tracks that would transport the rock and millstones


Looking in to quarry 1


Looking up to the small quarry No2. It's a steep and sometimes slippy climb to reach it from quarry 1


Inside Quarry 2, which is not often visited


Its steep and high. Notice the two people to the left of the rock in the bottom left of the photo


Approaching uarry 3 - the largest and most worked of the three. The grass embankent on the right originall had tracks on it and was used to tip waste down the hillside


On the embankment looking into the quarry


Looking back at the quarry as I made my way along the narrow path to the stone wall and fence where I would begin my descent


And here it is, steep, rocky and rough, but enjoyable!


Looking back at my line of descent between the stone wall and the modern fence


The path through what used to be a section of woods called Joan Meadow Woods. It leads on to Moor Road below Siddow Fold


Moor Road looking up in the direction of Siddow Fold


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