Chorley 11
Date 22/03/2014  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614180)    
Distance 11 miles    


A hastily arranged walk, and one planned by Paul. The original starting point was to be the Lock and Quay pub at Botany Bay, but I pushed for Coppice, not realising the importance of a Lock and Quay start. So we duly met at Coppice, with me carrying nothing more than half a pint of water. We set off along the Goit to Brinscall and Paul broke the news that he intended doing the Chorley 11. This is a walk that he saw several years ago. And it is 11 miles long!!! Two shredded wheat were to sustain my large(ish) frame for the 11 whole miles!!

Brinscall was soon reached and then we followed the Brinscall nature trail, which is a section of the old Chorley to Blackburn line, to Abbey Village. At Abbey Village we turned 180 degrees and took a footpath by the side of the Naga restaurant and along the top of the railway embankment, crossing the three arched bridge we had earlier passed below. We follow a path that crosses Bury Lane near the Methodist Church. Following the track for 200 yds we then went over a stile and head for Snape's Heights (SD624226) From there we take the lane down to Withnell Fold and go on to the canal towpath. We stayed on the canal path till we reached the Lock and Quay at Botany Bay at 11.50 am

By now we were all ravenous. We had a very nice meal (by pub standards) at a reasonable price. We then set off on the last 2 miles of the walk. It was soon realised why making the starting point the Lock and Quay was a good idea. After 9.5 miles we had to ascend the steepish Healey Nab. We did, but after the recent wet weather it was muddy and traction was not good.

Having almost reached the top we took the path to the left and headed for Higher House Lane - then on to White Coppice

A good walk - very enjoyable and with a terrific range of scenery,. Do it - it's worth it.


The walk started in glorious weather as we took the path alongside the Goit

Approaching the tunnel below Bury Lane. Click here to compare to 1977


Susan ion the trackbed as it approaches the three arched bridge


Spring blossom


H finds a medium sized stick


A wicker signal at three arched bridge. Someone has taken the time to make this and the front end of an engine. Both are below the main arch


Through the fields to the top of Bury Lane


The fields to the north of Pike Lowe, a lovely grassy area with exceptional views


It makes you feel on top of the world!


A very old type of passage through a stone wall


Descending to Snape's Heights


Ruby and Harvey in the fields near Snape's Heights. Usually there's sheep - but not today and they have a good run


On the lane down to Withnell Fold


Simpson Fold Bridge (No 85)


Approaching the locks at Town Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.


Town Lane locks


Starting the ascent of Healey Nab


Zooming in on Chorley Town Hall and Police Station


Great Hill from Higher House Lane


Entering "Paddy's Field" from Higher House Lane


Looking up Warth Brook from Warth Bridge towards Brookside Cottages - an idyllic spring scene


Looking back from the track into White Coppice. This is (I think) No 5 lodge