Walk 9
Over Anglezarke Moor inc. Round Loaf, Hurst Hill and Grain Pole Hill



3 miles


2  hours


Much of it is over moorland with no paths. Excellent Views.


This is difficult terrain over a moor that is seldom frequented. Consequently there are few paths, but much bracken to contend with. In all probability your only company will be sheep and birds.

Leave White Coppice by crossing the Goit and continue up alongside Dean Black Brook.  After a mile the brook forks. Follow the right fork and keep the stream to your right. The going is tough as there is no path to speak of. For a good half mile you are in a valley with the only view behind you.

Eventually you begin to climb and Great Hill looms over on the left. Continue to walk in a South Westerly direction, all the time height is being gained. Suddenly Round Loaf appears in front of you. In recent years a small summit cairn has been built on it. Personally, I don't feel that it is in keeping with Round Loaf and it is not warranted. Leaving Round Loaf, walk along the path in a south westerly direction towards Hurst Hill. After 300 yds turn off the path (which leads to Devils Ditch) and continue towards Hurst Hill. Turn around and look back at Round Loaf. This is the best view of it.

Continue on towards Hurst Hill. From this angle there is nothing to suggest that its top is long and flat. There is a short climb and then it appears to be flat. After several hundred yards a cairn appears. Head towards this. Our next destination is Grain Pole Hill which is slightly north of west.

Descend down Hurst Hill and make a line for the cairn on Grain Pole Hill which is no more than half a mile distant. Good views from here are gained to the Lancashire coast, The Lake District and the Welsh mountains. Grain Pole Hill is not the highest point on the route, but probably the best place to view the scenery. From its summit there is a descent to a plateau that becomes Black Coppice.

Start the descent and go straight ahead, crossing the plateau, until you reach a fence. Here, turn right and follow a path to White Coppice quarries. This is where we descend and make our way back to white Coppice, but do take care on the descent as it is very steep and the quarries are deep.

On reaching the track at the bottom of the quarry turn right and return to White Coppice.


Great Hill from Anglezarke Moor. Notice the thick bracken


The cairn on Round Loaf. Winter Hill is in the distance



Looking back towards Round Loaf


The summit of Hurst Hill


Summit of Grain Pole Hill with Anglezarke reservoir to the left and Healy Nab on the right


Looking back up to Grain Pole Hill



A heron soars above Black Coppice


Another view of Grain Pole Hill. The dark bracken which makes Black Coppice look black is also clear to see.


A view of White Coppice from the quarries