Walk 12 White Coppice - Great Hill - Abbey Village - White Coppice



8.21 miles


3 hrs 30 mins

Min Height

Max Height 1419'
Height Gain 1270'


Continual climb to Great Hill. Stone tracks and moorland paths. Excellent Views.

The starting point for this walk is White Coppice. (Grid Ref SD619191)



Starting at White Coppice follow the route to Great Hill as described in Walk 4 or if you prefer, the path alongside Dean Black Brook and join the main path at Drinkwater's. Having taken in the views return to the green signpost (No2) and bear right towards Brinscall. Stay on this until you reach the gate at the end. (GR SD632207). Here, turn right and over a stile on to an old green lane that passes to the right of the ruins of Ratten Clough. Continue along the lane passing between two wall that are still in excellent condition. 30 yards further on is a wooden fence and gate between two dry stone walls. Go through the gate and head for the crumbling stone wall 30 yards beyond. Cross the wall and turn right onto the path.

Follow this wall for a mile passing two sets of old stone gateposts. The first lead to the farm that was Solomon's Temple and the second to the farm called Botany Bay aka The Summerhouse. Shortly after the second set, the wall meets another wall forming a T shape. Turn left here and follow the wall till a kissing gate is met some 75 yards away. Go through the gate and turn slightly left ( north), following a faint double track towards Abbey Village. Soon Abbey Village Mill will come into view. Head to the right of the trees in the distance. Go through a gate and pass a rectangular reservoir (GR SD640219) on your left then down the field and go over the ladder stile.If you fancy food or drink follow the lane down to the Hare and Hounds. After your meal return to the stile. If you don't eat/drink simply turn left and follow the road or half a mile. As the road drops down to Withnell, bear left onto Twistmoor Lane. Stay on this lane which changes name to Buttermere Brow near the quarry. After passing the quarry some houses come into view. At the end of the fence, just before the houses there is a footpath to the left. Take this and follow the path as it gently climbs up the hillside. After passing between gorse bushes you will reach the ruins of Beardsworth's Farm (SD630211). Stay on the track that passes to the left of it and follow it past an old feeding cage and down to Well Lane. Turn right on to Well Lane and after 40 yards turn left on to the main driveway through Wheelton Plantation (The Pine Woods). Follow this path all the way through the woods and follow it down to the Goit (GR 622201). From here, there is a choice of two paths. The first is through the kissing gate just before the bridge over the Goit, which undulates along the foot of the moors, The other option is to cross the bridge and turn left through a gate and follow the path alongside the Goit.

After three quarters of a mile, and which ever path you take, you will come to a bridge (SD621194) If you took path 1, cross the bridge. Now bear right (not going through the gate onto the Goit path) and follow the path keeping what was No8 lodge to your left. Go though a gate and continue along the foot of The Lowe. Turn left over the bridge and turn right when you reach Rose Cottage. You are back at White Coppice