Around Wheelton
Date 30/3/2003
Starting Point Victoria St Wheelton (SD603211)
Distance 3.5 miles

It was a glorious day for this walk. Parking near the top of Victoria St, head towards the A674 Chorley Blackburn Rd. Turn right at the crossroads. After 200 yds take care and cross the road.You will see an old wooden stile just to the right of a large farmhouse. Go over the stile, turn right and follow the base of the embankment. After crossing a stream start to angle your direction to begin climbing the hill. You will see a stile at the very top corner of the field. Climb over the stile and follow the footpath on to Chapel Lane.

Turn right and go down Chapel Lane, crossing the A674 when reached. Pass the circular stone flowerbed with "Wheelton and Heapey" etched on it and turn left (SP Whittle le Woods) After the last house and before the school gate turn right up a narrow footpath. Follow this path up and over South Hill, taking in the excellent views.

Descend the other side and turn right when you reach the lane and you will reach The Top Lock public house. Cross the bridge and turn right on to the towpath, passing all the narrow boats.

At the first bridge, come off the tow path, cross the bridge and head up the track. At the top turn right and head into Wheelton. At the Clock Tower, turn left up Victoria Street to return to the starting point.


Looking back at the stile on the A674 - from this viewpoint the stile is to the left of the house


Wheelton's Memorial Clock Tower


The well concealed water pumping station


Wheelton from the roof of the pumping station


This is the pumping station's roof with a view to Heapey Moor


St Barnabas Church on Chapel Lane


Chapel Lane as it nears the A674


Taken from South Hill, this is the view across St Chad's Graveyard to Healey Nab


Great Hill from South Hill


A cottage as you approach the lane from South Hill


Top Locks


The Top Lock pub and the last of the locks


Narrow boats




Looking back from the bridge to the Top Lock