Great Hill
Date 20/3/2018  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614 180)    
Distance 3 miles    


A cold and dull day. As is normal for me now I took the path through White Coppice quarry to gain the path to Great Hill.


The view from the dam to Healey Nab


Looking up the gorge
Quite a show
Looking down the gorge from the big waterfall
A huge tree trunk wash down stream
Look carefully and you can see bridge supports on each side of the brook - I only noticed these a year or so back



The flagged path on the top of Great Hill


Returning to Coppice now and this is the view from Great Hill.

A lovely view westwards with the Lancashire plain in the distance


New trees - old ruins.

The tree right of centre grows above an old mine shaft


On the narrow path to White Coppice quarry


My route down - great viewpoint too