Great Hill
Date 23/2/2018  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614 180)    
Distance 3 miles    


Leaving the car at Coppice I headed up the gorge and took the path up and out of the quarry, rejoined the main path and made my way to Coppice Stile. From there it was a simple matter of following the path all the way to the top


The weir


Looking up the gorge
The Lowe from near the dam
It's a tad chilly
Another view of Drinkwater's
Winter Hill and Rivington Pike

Winter Hill and Rivington Pike


Great Hill summit


Returning to Coppice now and this is the view from Great Hill. Drinkwater's is where the trees are on the right


A lovely view westwards over the ravine that id Dean Black Brook out to Healey Nab


Returning from Great Hill after the ruins of Grime's there's a gate to the left which takes you down to Dean Black Brook. This is taken about 2/3rds the way down


One of my old camping spots before it got overgrown




My route down - great viewpoint too