White Coppice round
Date 6/2/2018  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD617 190)    
Distance 1.5 miles    


After leaving the car I walked to the end of No6 Lodge's embankment before returning back to Coppice Lane and walking past the Pavilion and taking the left hand path along the goit. At the next bridge I doubled back on the path to The Lowe and and Lowe Fold Farm. From there I took the track down to the ford at Brookside cottages and returned to White Coppice


No 6 Lodge


Hillside across No 6 Lodge
No6 Lodge
The overflow
White Coppice and the cricket field.
The path to the hills
The scoreboard

A robin on the veranda of the pavilion


...and on the banister rail


The path alongside the goit - heading towards Brinscall


The path after passing Shorrock's bridge


Heading down the track from Lowe Fold Farm


Gentleman's lodge as many call it


Gentleman's Lodge