Abbey Village to Darwen Tower
Date 25/3/2003
Starting Point Park near the Hare & Hounds, Abbey Village (SD643224)
Distance 6.5 miles

A nice length walk in overcast conditions. Some steep ascents along the way


The start of the walk, leaving The Hare & Hounds


The first of the reservoirs, with the waterman's cottage ahead


The waterman's cottage.


A wide overflow from the second reservoir


The bridge that leads to a woodland walk


The view to Darwen Tower after taking the track near the Royal at Tockholes


Looking northwards to Earnsdale Reservoir


This landslide caused the path to be closed - it is now open again


Darwen Tower


The Trig Point just below the Tower


Darwen from the top of the Tower


Looking toward Cartridge Hill


The stairwell inside the Tower


The path down and back to Rydal Fold


A proud Mum with her baby


The Royal at Tockholes


The end of the walk - the Hare & Hounds at Abbey Village