A White White Coppice
Date 22/1/2019  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614 180)    
Distance 2.5 miles    


Snow arrived and White Coppice and the hills looked pretty and sometimes bleak. However, the weather gave me some of my favourite photos ever. The last dozen or so on this page are my favourites. As th the walk, it was a sort of a circular walk, turning right after the bridge over the Goit. Then left to the dam. Back down to the concrete bridge and up to the dam again. Then it was back over the bridge and right on to the goit pathand up behind the Lowe and coming back into Coppice crossing the embankment of No6 Lodge


A snowy White Coppice

White Coppice and the "tourist" path
Black Coppice quarry
Looking bleak up there
Dean Black Brook or The Gorge as many of us know it
No sign of Healey Nab

The Gorge






The path along the Goit


... it's never too bad for a bike ride


A splash of colour in an otherise dull scene


Tree on The Lowe


Sheep on The Lowe


More colour on The Lowe


Horses in the fields behind The Lowe


One of my favourite photo's from the day










The Row


My Grandma and Grandads old house - Hillside.