White Coppice to Grime's ruins
Date 15/11/2019  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614 180)    
Distance 2 miles    


I didn't have much time today so walk up to Grime's ruins (SD632 191) was all I could manage. I took the gateway near Grime's down to Dean Black Brook as my return route. Started off brightish, then got steadily darker as I was nearing White Coppice and then the rain came.


My preferred route to Coppice Stile is now through White Coppice Quarry rather than the "tourist" path. The path in this photo would be my return route. I turned left here and re-joined the main path to Coppice Stile

Grain Pole Hill and Black Coppice
A lone walker making his way to Roundloaf
Great Hill through the wall at Coppice Stile
The ruins of Coppice Stile House
Great Hill. Two of the trial mines are just visible

Closer view of Drinkwater's


Dean Black Brook - aka Grangewater - looking upstream to Great Hill


This used to have lovely short grass here - in fact it was a place I wild camped back in the 1970s


On the path alongside the brook


The view from the top of White Coppice quarry, this was my way down


  With leaden skies it was time to et down and back to the car. This is the view as I descended into the quarry