White Coppice
Date 10/5/2019  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614 180)    
Distance 5 miles    


Quite a day today - starting with a good walk, followed by a duckling rescue and ending with an evening walk along the canal at Wheelton for a well earned pint in the Top Lock

Starting off at White Coppice I crossed the Goit and took the path towards Waterman's Coppice below Stronstrey Bank. Arriving at Moor Road I turned left and went up the hill as far as Siddow Fold sometimes called Gamekeepers Cottage. Here I climbed over the stile on the left and, keeping the fence on my left followed it all the way to Black Coppice quarries. There I took the steep descent down. Passing the new(ish) gate just before the bridge I could hear a duck making a hell of a commotion. Taking a look I found 6 duckling stuck behind a metal grill. Joined by another passerby we found a strong piece of wood and managed to bend the bars and put in a ramp down to the ducklings. Slowly and one by one they waddled their way up into the pool where their Mum was. Still they couldn't get out of that so we gently moved each one into the Goit. When all had been transferred a happy Mum took them downstream

Later that evening I went downstream to the Top Lock


The Goit from the bridge at Coppice

A trout in the water below
Black Coppice quarries
Looking up the Gorge
The Lowe
The overflow from Dean Black Brook below White Coppice quarry
The new bridge and remains of the old

Lambs taking a rest


Healey Nab from he top of Stronstrey Bank


Healey Nab from he top of Stronstrey Bank

Looking over to White Coppice Moor


The view from the top of Black Coppice quarries


And the view down to White Coppice




White Coppice quarry


Looking up Dean Black Brook


The partially rescued ducklings. Far left is the grill they were stuck behind and the wood we put in to create a ramp. They were still stuck in this area so we moved them to the Goit where they happily swam off with their Mum


A happy Mum swims away with all here ducklings


The resurfaced road. Sadly 5 months later it's beginning to get pot holes again.


View after crossing Whins Lane Bridge towards the Top Lock


A welcome sight