Rivington Pike and a tour of The Pigeon Tower
Date 23/3/2019  
Starting Point Scholes Bank, Horwich (SD632 120)    
Distance 6.5 miles    


For the first time in my lifetime the Pigeon Tower was being opened up to the public. With the help of a National Lottery grant the Tower and its surrounding gardens have had much restoration work carried out on them. Today the door would open for the first time in 50 years and Paul and I intended being there. Deciding to make a day of it, we caught a bus from Chorley to Horwich, where we began our walk.


This is Roynton Road, now little more than a path in places, it leads up towards Rivington Pike from Horwich

The view from Roynton Road


Drinking trough


The last section to the Pike


Winter Hill from the track up to the Pike


This less gradiented route to the Pike offers 360 degree views that aren't offered by going the direct route up the steps


With the weather improving, the views improve. This is looking north towards the Pigeon Tower


This view from the Pike better shows the steps and routes to the summit, to the Pigeon Tower, and the reservoirs of Rivington.

Rivington Pike


After leaving the Pike we made our way to the Chinese Gardens to be at the front of the queue at one of the two access points to the Pigeon Tower. Here we were passing one of the numerous Summer houses


Sir Lindsey Hoyle MP, the MP for Chorley whose constituency Rivington is in, prepares to do the official opening of The Pigeon Tower



Left: A close up of the Tower with much of the renovations on show eg the new windows, roofing and pointing. And of course people patiently waiting their turn to ascend the tower.


Above: The open doorway beckons the public for the first time in 50 years or more.


Left: People ascending the spiral staircase to enter Lady Leverhulme's sewing room. I have to say this is the narrowest spral staircase I've every climbed.

Above: The new fire made it quite cosy

Mutare Vel Timere Sperno

"I scorn to Change or Fear

The spiral stair case - the steps so small that you have only inches to place your right foot (if descending)


Neptune's Pool


The Italian Lake - re-lined and cleared of overgrowth


Wicker figures by Neptune's Pool


Steps to a summer House

In the Chinese Gardens


Spring is in the air


Spring is in the air


The bowling green at The Rivington - formerly Rivington Bowlig Club.


The Street


Cunliffe Farm, Heath Charnock


On the bus back to Chorley