Horden Stoops to Belmont &

Around Healey Nab

Date 1/3/2003 & 2/3/2003          
Starting Point

Day 1 - Horden Stoops (SD655159)

Day 2 - Warth Farm, White Coppice (SD614191)

Distance Each walk 4 miles          

Two short walks in overcast conditions on Saturday, and brighter weather on Sunday


Leaving the small parking area at Horden Stoops turn left towards Belmont. This is the view to the left up to Will Narr


  After 50 yds, take this path over the stile towards Belmont  



Along the path this view to Wards Reservoir and Belmont Church will greet you


...and this view across the road to Winter Hill will appear.


Wards Reservoir




The Black Dog at Belmont. Turn right here and climb past the church


St Peter's, Belmont


Another view of Ward's Reservoir


Ward's Reservoir or The Blue Lagoon as it is more commonly known.


No longer used as a reservoir


Overflow pipe with date


The jetty and the path to the road


The westerly end of the Blue Lagoon


Day 2 2/3/2003 - Around Healey Nab

Staring Point is Botany Bay, Chorley


The lane towards Healey Nab


Healey Nab


Go over this stile and head for the trees on the Nab


Approaching Higher Healey


Nearing the summit - follow the track (far right)


Looking back to the north, Whitter's factory stood where the houses are.


Entering Nab Wood


Looking north from the quarry on the summit


The Nab and Grey Heights


A swan on one of the old Whitters ponds


A beautiful swan on the old lodge