Great Hill
Date 18/1/2019  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614 180)    
Distance 3 miles    


A late afternoon walk in mid winter - walking up the gorge to White Coppice Quarry then climbing up from there to Coppice Stile Farm. From there it was to Great Hill and returning by the path alongside Dean Black Brook


A dipper on the dam overflow

...and in the brook


Icicles above Dean Black Brook


White Coppice Quarry and my route to Coppice Stile ruins


Lookin back from near the top of the quarry


Having joined the main path this is the view back to Healey Nab


The ruins of Coppice Stile Farm

The photo above this one, with an old photo of Coppice Stile superimposed on it to give an idea of how it would have looked


Great Hill from Coppice Stile


Looking back at the farm ruins


Drinkwaters and Great Hill on the left, the ruins og Grimes in the middle and the valley of Grangewater (as it was once alled on old maps)


Looking back along the path to Coppice Stile
Climbing the steps to sign No 2 where three paths meet
The recently refurbished sign
Nearing Drinkwater's farm
Great Hill from Drinkwater's
The ruins of Drinwaters.
Ice on the path back the Drinkwater's
Winter Hill and its masts
Looking over to Yorkshire and Ingleborough
Looking down to Great Hill Farm's ruins
Great Hill summit
Ice circles
Great Hill summit
Great Hill
Great Hill Farm ruins
Looking across to Drinkwater's from the path alongside Dean Black Brook
The tree grows in an old mineshaft
Looking back up the brook to the mine, Drinkwater's and Great Hill
Dean Black Brook - looking west
Dean Black Brook - looking east