Horden Stoops to Winter Hill
Date 10/4/2015  
Starting Point Lay-by at Horden Stoops (SD655158)    
Distance 2 miles    


A pleasant Friday evening and enough time before darkness for a short walk up to Winter Hill trig point. Parking at Horden Stoops we headed west (towards Rivington) along the road for 250 yards. We then veered left on a wide stone track that used to be on of the driveways to Lord Leverhulme's house and gardens below Rivington Pike. Continue along the drive for just under half a mile. On the left is a wooden bridge and a stile. Cross the bridge and follow the path to the top (steep in places). At the top a gate is reached, don't go through it, but continue to the right and then follow the tarmaced track. On the left there are steps up to the Trig point. Continue past the trig point to a kissing gate and the views from there are spectacular. Go through it and turn left. Follow the edge round and back to the first gate reached on the way up. Again, don't go through it but follow the fence down the steep path. Follow this path back to Horden Stoops.

A great walk if time is limited. Extensive views.


The steep section to the top

Easy walking now along the edge - and great views too


Troy near the top


Some of the masts - the biggest, the TV mast is on the right


Zooming in on the buildings at the foot of the mast and many of the anchoring cables


Troy at the Trig Point


Rivington Pike from the Trig Point


Three masts that we must pass on the way back


Troy admires the view as we begin to descend the steep path down to Horden Stoops


Looking back up the steep path


Down we go


At the foot of the path and in fading light, we saw this Wheatear perched on the fencepost