Piccadilly to Great Hill
Date 8/1/2015  
Starting Point Lay-by near Piccadilly (SD660197)    
Distance 2.3 miles    


The weather improved as the afternoon passed and at 3.30pm we parked at the lay-by a 100 yards south of Piccadilly and set off to Great Hill. Although the sun was out there was a very strong and biting wind. We took the path across from Piccadilly and although it was sodden under foot it was passable. The path climbs gradually until nearing Pimm's, sadly in ruins now. There's a short descent to the brook and then the serious climb to the summit begins. Arriving at the top the first thing I noticed was a new, and well constructed cairn marking the top. Well done to whoever built it

I met no-one today and took shelter from the wind for a few minutes before returning by the same route. An ideal walk if time is limited


The ruins of Pimm's

Great Hill from the old stile near the brook

The stile


Nearing the top, H takes a rest


The view across to Winter Hill as we approached the top


Great Hill Summit, with newly erected cairn.


Piccadilly far below


Pimms marked by the trees


After re-crossing the brook Pimms comes into view from the path, which is narrow at this point