White Coppice to Great Hill
Date 28/12/2014  
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614180)    
Distance 4 miles    


Today was a stunningly beautifil day and at 3pm Harvey and I set off from White Coppice for Great Hill. The temperature was only just above freezing point and after the cold frost of last night, conditions underfoot were quite slippy; and as I neared the bridge to cross the Goit, two Mountain Rescue landrovers were there. The team hoisting a stretcher over the gate. A woman I think it was, had fallen on the path that slopes diagonally up the hill to Coppice Stile. It must be said - it was vey slippy on this section.

Having safely made our way to Coppice Stile the views were phenominal. Blue sky, orangy brown bracken lit by the low sun, and snow, it was stunning. Without incident Harvey and I reached Great Hill summit and took in the vista. We safely made our way back to Coppice, arriving in semi darkness. A wonderful day.


Setting off. It was just about dead centre where the lady injured herself, necessitating the MR to be called.

The kit left behind by the MR team, of which two members were climbing up the path behind me


Looking across to Stronstrey Bank


The slippery path


Looking back towards the Nab


Looking to Black Coppice


Great Hill - the destination of today's walk


Great Hill


The lowering sun adds a lovely colour to the landscape


Zooming in on Great Hill


Great Hill


The moon and a half hidden Winter Hill mast


Just lovely


Looking back to Black Coppice


A lone figure and Healey Nab in the far distance


Snow couple at Drinkwaters ( the lady has a ring on her finger!!)


Harvey at Drinkwater's - admiring the view across to Round Loaf


Looking back to Healey Nab (far left) Drinkwater's.


The old timer still likes playing in the snow.


H in the snow


Looking towards Brinscall, which was under cloud.


The ascent to the summit


Golden light


Looking south to Winter Hill


Almost there, on the ridge of Great Hill


Harvey nears the summit, waiting for me to catch up


The summit


Harvey at the top


Heading back - with the sunset in front of us all the way


Temerature is dropping and the light fading as we start the return journey


Sunset over Hurst Hill


It's cold as we start the descent to White Coppice


Hurst Hill sunset


Harvey, a little tired now plods on


The moon over Anglezarke Moor


Colours in the sky beyond Coppice Stile


Last light - and a great walk


Meanwhile, over at Rivington Pike the weather had been a little more "atmospheric" as the following excellent photos sent to me by Ian Davis testify. Thanks Ian

(courtesy: Ian Davis)

(courtesy: Ian Davis)

(courtesy: Ian Davis)

(courtesy: Ian Davis)

(courtesy: Ian Davis)

(courtesy: Ian Davis)