Rivington Pike
Date 19/03/2014  
Starting Point Hall Barn, Rivington    
Distance 4 miles    


Setting off at dusk from Hall Barn, Susan, myself, Harvey, Troy and Ruby soon began the sharp climb through the Chineses Gardens heading for the Pike. But not the normal Pike. As part of a project to attract business to Chorley, the council chose to light up the Pike in red. And stunning it looked too. Visible from the M61 it made a splendid sight.

As we approached the top, the Pike looked eerie, and stunning. Considering it was almost dark when we arrived there were quite a few people about. We climbed the steps to the top and took several photo's before heading down and along the track to the Pigeon Tower. From there we took Leverhulme's old driveway down towards Moses Cocker, then cutting through along the path past Sweetlove's before returning to Hall Barn


This view was to greet us as we emerged from the Chinese Gardens

Zooming out, Susan's headlight is on the left, Troy's red flashing collar light is centre and the Pike is glowing red.


Susan in front of the Pike - with a superb backdrop of Horwich to the left and The Trough of Bowland, right far distance.


Me and my shadow!!




Troy avoids a cyclist, who inturn gives light and character to this photo


One last view of it


View fro the top


Nice - just so nice


As we were leaving we looked back and saw this sppoky figure


Lit up only from the light of my headtorch, the Pigeon Tower makes an eerie sight in the dark.

Having said that - this was a thoroughly enjoyable walk