Rivington Pike from Top Barn
Date 4/9/2013  
Staring Point Hall Barn (SD634145)    
Distance 3.5 miles    


Another nice evening and a slightly more strenuous walk than of late. Parking near Hall Barn we made our way up to the Pike by Susan's route, which, basically is steep. No following the angled roads and tracks, simply straight up the hillside. It was good, it was harder than most routes up but it was still enjoyable. Made all the more so when we caught sight of a deer near the Pike, which wasn't too afraid of us, allowing us to get some reasonable pictures of it


After a steep climb we finally catch sight of the Dovecote or Pigeon Tower


Two more views of it as we ascended


Sunset from below the tower


The deer


...keeping an eye on us


Setting sun from The Pike


Machinery makes its way up the road to Winter Hill Mast


It was almost dark coming down through the Chinese Gardens. This recently sawn tree had become the start of a money tree and we duly added our coins to it