White Coppice to Drinkwater's via Grange Water
Date 8/2/2013  
Staring Point White Coppice (SD614180)    
Distance 3 miles    


The weather has been so bad in January I only managed short dog walks but today was a pleasant Friday and I had the day off to decorate. By 2.30 the nice weather forced me to change my plans and get an hour or two on the moors, so off I went to White Coppice.


The first thing I immediately noticed was the embankment of No 8 lodge had been knocked down, ending all speculation that it may, one day be refilled. A pity really, White Coppice has lost some of its charm and there was plenty of wildlife on and around the lodge that has lost a home

Leaving the rubble of the embankment behind we took the path alongside Grange Water to the quarry


I love this section of path. It is a great way to reach the moor

Looking up "the gorge". There have been several rockfalls since my photo from 1976 (see Then and Now 1976 )


Looking back towards Coppice - just as it has been for years. The embankment peeling off to the left is an old track bed from when the quarries were operational


Taken from the path out of the quarry to reach the path along Grange Water



And this is the path, the dogs love it.


Reaching the "Fork" - Grange Water continues to the left, as does our path.


And on we go - now close by the brook till we reach the mine trials.


After being in a valley all the way from Coppice, suddenly it opens out and Great Hill suddenly appears


Nearing the mines


Black clouds over the small copse and Drinkwater's


Lone walker coming off Great Hill


After passing the tree in the earlier photograph I continued along the brook till I reached a coppice - then turned 90 degrees to have Drinwater's ahead


Leaving Drinkwaters on my way back to White Coppice



Great Hill from the ruins of Coppice Stile Farm



In all my years passing Coppice Stile I have never, until today, noticed the stoned up gateway to what would have lead to the rear of the farm


Looking down on the damn and overflow