White Coppice to Round Loaf via Black Coppice
Date 8/12/2012  
Staring Point White Coppice (SD614180)    
Distance 4 miles    


The second December Saturday in a row and the weather is just ideal for a quick walk. Today's walk started at White Coppice and it's quite strenuous. Crossing the Goit, turn sharp right and cross the bridge over Dean Black Brook. After a 100 yards cross the small footbridge that now doesn't fully cross the little stream and then in 30 yards fork left and begin to climb the old quarry track. Keep climbing until the second quarry is reached and then begin the steep climb to its right. At the top look around and you will find unfinished millstones - some are in near perfect condition. From here follow the old stone wall eastwards. Eventually the wall turns to the left, here cross it and continue climbing. The land underfoot is not easy to walk on but it is passable. Just as it levels out you will see a small cairn in the distance - head for this. This is Round Loaf. Leave Round Loaf in a northerly direction - descending all the time. Eventually you will reach Dean Black Brook - cross it turn left and follow one of several paths leading back to White Coppice.


An early start meant the sun had not graced White Coppice as we started the walk. Frost was on the grass and it was cold. This is looking up Dean Black Brook from the bridge that crosses it as it enters the Goit

Heavy frost.


Starting to climb now - this is the view to Healey Nab from the lower section of the quarry track


Nearing the top of the steep ascent, the Goit and Healey Nab are clearly visible


Looking north westerly to the Mormon church at Chorley


Stood above White Coppice quarry.


Millstone - almost ready, but suddenly abandoned, the quarryman probably losing his job at that moment.


And here is another.

Belle walks by an old millstone.


Black Coppice - that is the wall to follow


Happy now he has a large fence post to carry.


Belle reaches Round Loaf. Great Hill is in the distance


Looking back to Roundloaf as the weather worsens - its small cairn just visible