On Heapey Moor
Date 2/12/2012  
Starting Point Brinscall (SD631208)    
Distance 2.5 miles    


Just a short walk with two of the dogs today through Brinscall Pine Woods and on to the moor. Mostly cloudy but some sunshine mad an appearance


Coming out of the Pine Woods this fine view towards Chorley greated us

The slope of Heapey Moor leads down to the flatness of the Lancashire plain


The ruins of Sour Milk Hall farm on Heapey Moor


The Pine Woods with a distant Ingleborough (over the border) in the distance


Old stone walls show the old way of farming in small fields. To the right is Pendle Hill




Belle surveys the fine views.


My big gentle boy, with wonderful eyes. 10 now but acting 10 months


The weather is changing.