Great Hill from Brinscall
1/12/12 1/12/2012  
Starting Point Edgegate Lane, Brinscall (SD632206)  
Distance 4 miles  


A lovely day to bring December in and a nice day for the dogs to have a good run. Leaving the car at the top of Edge Gate Lane, we walked up the newly refurbished track that leads to Drinkwater's. However, before the start of the sharp left turn we took a deviation up to Brown Hill and wandered across the pretty much unfrequented plateau of Brown Hill, then rejoining the track to Great Hill some 500 yds beyond the ruins that are Drinkwater's. From there it is an easy climb to Great Hill. The return path was simply to follow the track back, forking right to Brinscall at the Ramblers sign



Taken from near the ruins of Whittles Farm at the top of Edge Gate Lane. The view looks over Brinscall, to Preston and then on the horizon is the mountain Black Combe near Barrow in Furness .


This is the larger of two small tarns on Wheelton Moor.


Rarely visited, this is Brown Hill, looking east to Great Hill


Great Hill from the old farm wall that enclosed Drinkwater's Farm.


Darwen Moor and the Jubilee Tower (r) and Great Hill (l)


Looking back on the ascent, this is the view to Drinkwater's and Chorley way below in the distance.


View to the west from Great Hill


Great Hill summit


The ruins of Drinkwater's Farm with Great Hill beyond


Returning to the car, the ruins of Ratten Clough and a distant Blackburn greet us.