Botany Bay and Solomon's Temple
Date 1/2/2009
Starting Point Brinscall Pine Woods (Wheelton Plantation) (SD638219)
Distance 4 miles

This is a walk we frequently do with the dogs. Parking near Withnell Quarry the footpath heads straight up the moor, eventually arriving at the ruins of Botany Bay Farm. This farm also got the name "The Summer House" due to the gatherings and parties held there in its heyday.

From The Summerhouse the walk heads south to the ruins of Solomon's Temple, another farm in ruins, before heading back to the original track and back to the car


Half way up the moor, and looking back this view of Withnell awaits you   ... as does this view of Preston

The Old Tree. It stands close by Botany Bay Farm


The Tree


The ruins of Botany Bay Farm


Another view of the farm


On Withnell Moor, looking towards Blackburn.


One of the grouse butts near Botany Bay


An obvious weather front here


Solomon's temple ruins.


A surviving window at Solomon's, Harvey speeds past with a stick!!!


Here's the stick in question on the lush grass that surrounds Solomon's Temple


Machinery and Ratten Clough