Brinscall Pine Woods (Wheelton Plantation)
Date 29/11/2008
Starting Point Brinscall (SD631208)
Distance 2.5 miles

The end of November and early December brought very cold weather to the North West. On the 29th November, I took Troy and Harvey for a walk through the Pine Woods at Brinscall. When I left home there was a thick freezing fog, so I thought I'd gain some height and get above the fog. I did just that and it was a lovely day above the fog


As we entered the woods from Well Lane, a shaft of sunlight hinted that we may get above the fog quite quickly. This bridge carries the track over a deep ravine in Hatch Brook

Over the bridge the track descends before it starts to climb. Moss has got a hold on the old walls


Then the freezing fog returned, and all was very quiet


There had been a heavy frost overnight making for a cold silent eerie atmosphere. Over the wall there has been forestry work going on and the clearing is quite new


At last, looking up the hillside the sun's rays begin to penetrate the fog


.... and the sky turns blue


On the way back the forestry work becomes more evident - and a large clearing appears.