Healey Nab
Date 4/6/08
Starting Point Higher House Lane, Heapey (SD613182)
Distance 2 miles

A lovely evening (rare this year) encouraged us to have a wonder around the Nab. Nearing the top we met a lady who suggested we put our dogs on their leads as there was a deer with young nearby. Initially I ignored her as we were on the main track, but as soon as we left it the leads were on and a minute or two later I saw the deer ahead.


first view of the deer


Zooming in


Lovely animals


Optical and digital zoom used - pity it affects the quality. Old scars on the deer's side are clearly visible


Oblivious to all the deer old Gummy plods on.


We thought we'd seen the last of it but as we were walking back we spotted it again


Grey Heights summit


Probably with its young here


Troy at the end of the walk


Stronsey Bank from the track down to Cliff Farm