Great Hill from Brinscall
Date 14/4/2008
Starting Point Brinscall Pine Woods (Wheelton Plantation) (SD631208)
Distance 3.5 miles

This evening was nice after the recent rain, evident in the puddles along the track over Wheelton Moor. Also we had our new (well very old actually) dog Johnston (but we call him Gummy or Gums). He's 16 but Great Hill turned out to be no challenge for him.

 Gummy trots off towards Great Hill

On the track to Great Hill


Pendle Hill from the track


The Ribble estuary on the horizon. Lone trees like this usually mark the location of an old farm or building



Left: Gummy puts on a turn of speed Right; Gums and Troy get the scent of something


Great Hill from Drinkwaters


Another view from Drinkwaters


The view to Round Loaf from Drinkwater's


Looking back at Drinkwater's, with Healey Nab down to the left


Troy looks towards the setting sun and takes in the views


Meanwhile, Gummy plods on at his leisurely pace


Winter Hill from Great Hill


Great Hill summit and Troy licks his lips with satisfaction


This is the first time I've noticed these wind turbines, they must be on the moors near Ramsbottom


Gummy takes a rest on the summit


"What in God's name is that Troy? I never saw one of those on the streets of Preston in all my 16 year".


Setting sun at Drinkwater's as we make our way home