Healey Nab
Date 17/02/2008
Starting Point Higher House Lane, Heapey (SD607191)
Distance 2 miles

A lovely February day, and a nice walk over Healey Nab. Starting near Cliff Farm we climbed the Nab and descended to Anglezarke Reservoir, then returning to the car


    Nab Hill Memorial Forest is quite new. But why Nab Hill?  

Troy enjoys himself with a good sized "stick"


These lovely trees adorn the top of the Nab


Zooming in on Chorley


Another view of Chorley from Chorleys own hill, Healey Nab


Ice in the big ruts


Two photos from in the woods on the top of the Nab


Troy on the main path



Recently felled tree


Deep inside the woods.


The view as I approached the quarry


Looking across to Stronstrey Bank and Great Hill


The frozen Blue Waters


Ice on top of ice at the Blue Water


Cliff Farm and views to Windy Harbour Lane


Waterman's Cottage