Jepson's Gate to Round Loaf
Date 1/2/2003
Starting Point Jepson's Gate, Anglezarke
Distance 4 miles

A short late afternoon walk

I parked the car at Jepson's Gate (SD624169) and walked up the farm track. Eventually the track meets Limestone Brook. Keep the brook to your right and after half a mile the path forks - take the one to the left to Round Loaf


The track from Jepson's Gate. Rivington Pike is on the skyline


The ruins of Peewit Hall


The track veers to the left and Winter Hill comes into view


Old Lead mine spoils in the distance. Note the gate bottom left. On this walk it is ignored - it leads into Lead Mine Valley


Yarrow Reservoir from the track


Storm clouds over Spitlers Edge


One of the locals


White Ledge Hill (r) and Great Hill in the distance


Approaching the top of Lead Mine Valley


Devil's Ditch


Round Loaf


Looking towards the coast as the light fades