White Coppice to Great Hill
Date 20/11/2005
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614180)
Distance 4 miles

A  4 mile walk on a late afternoon in November. The weather was ideal for walking but very cold.


Dean Black Brook (or Grange Water)

Coppice Stile, with Great Hill in the distance


Looking west - Healey Nab is in the distance to the left of the trees at Coppice Stile


Looking east from the path after leaving Coppice Stile.


Late afternoon sunshine as I near the ruins of Drinkwater's


Looking SE just before arriving at Drinkwaters. Several things to note here. Firstly the trial mineshafts, and in line with the centre one is the Tumulus called Round Loaf, and to the left of that the masts on Winter Hill are visible


The ruins of Drinkwater's Farm. It was used for shelling practice during WW2


Leaving Drinkwater's, the path takes you to Great Hill.


Nearing Great Hill summit


A moody view across to Winter Hill


The last section has had flags laid where it was particularly wet


Darwen Tower from Great Hill


Great Hill summit


Through the slit in the cloud the sunset silhouettes a conical Mountain in Wales - anyone know which it is


And another view of it


Then the sun descended into the break in the cloud. Two mountains are visible now


Setting sun


Looking back to Great Hill


Getting very dark now and lights in Chorley start to glow