Jepson's Gate & Healey Nab
Date 19/11/2005
Starting Point White Coppice (SD614180)
Distance 3 miles

A  short 3 mile walk on a late afternoon in November. The weather was ideal for walking


Winter Hill and Rivington Pike from Jepson's Gate, Anglezarke

Sunset on Healey Nab


White Coppice from the cliff above the Blue Waters on Healey Nab


Above the Blue Waters, and an hot air balloon heads towards Brinscall.


Balloon over Rushy Brow from Grey Heights.


The building to the right is Siddow Fold - which used to be called the Gamekeepers Cottage by locals.


And from the southern slopes of Grey Heights Winter Hill, The Pike and Anglezarke Reservoir are clearly visible


Late evening sun on Hurst Hill (left) and birds about to roost


And last light at the head of Anglezarke reservoir, whose water levels are getting low


Sunset from above Anglezarke Quarry