Great Hill
Date 19/10/2012
Starting Point White Coppicel (SD614180)
Distance 4 miles

On a hazy morning I took a stroll up Great Hill from White Coppice.


White Coppice, starting point for the walk.

Ramblers Association sign No. 1


Coppice Stile Farm ruins and the view to Drinkwater's and Great Hill


The ruins of Grime's Farm, with Great Hill in the distance


Appoaching Ramblers sign No. 2, this is the view back to White Coppice


Sign No. 2


Looking across to Round Loaf and Winter Hill


Nearing Drinkwater's Farm


Healey Nab from near Drinwater's


Great Hill from Drinkwater's


Wall and gateposts at Drinkwater's


The Nab


Leaving Drinwater's - this is the view back towards Healey Nab


Looking south to Dean Black Book


Looking back to Drinkwater's and a distant Chorley from the upper slopes of Great Hill


Looking down to the ruins of Great Hill Farm


Harvey and the view to the Trough of Bowland


Great Hill summit and fingerpost


The northerly view


Harvey makes his way along the flagged path that leads to Redmond Edge, Spitler's Egde and Will Narr


Here we leave the main path and fork right ...


....and head towards Great Hill Farm


Looking up the upper slopes of Great Hill, much of the stone wall is in good condition


Great Hill Farm


Great Hill Farm - sadly in ruins


Leaving Great Hill farm - Drinkwaters comes into view on our right and we make towards it




Looking back to Great Hill


The faint path to Drinkwater's


Wall and gateway at Drinkwater's


Lush grass still surrounds the ruins


Memorial bench and resident


Back at sign No2 - fork left and follow the track back to White Coppice


The track with an excellent view to Healey Nab


Looking back to Great Hill from Coppice Stile


Looking down on White Coppice as we near the end of the walk


A view along the breached embankment