Great Hill, Round Loaf, Hurst Hill & Grainpole Hill
Date 6/3/2004
Starting Point White Coppice (SD619191)
Distance 6 miles

A cold mostly overcast day, but this route is always an enjoyable walk


Looking west from near Coppice Stile. Several of the Lodges are visible.

Looking across to Black Coppice and Grain Pole Hill 


Great Hill from Coppice Stile Farm


The view across to Round Loaf from Drinkwater's


Approaching Round Loaf from Great Hill


Winter Hill and Rivington Pike from Round Loaf


Hurst Hill summit


Healey Nab from Grain Pole Hill


Black Coppice moor


Anglezarke reservoir and Waterman's Cottage from the edge of Black Coppice ie from the top of Stronstrey Bankmoor


White Coppice quarries with White Coppice beyond


White Coppice from the top of the quarry


Descending through the quarries


Almost down. Looking north to Coppice


White Coppice
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