Winter Hill & Rivington Pike
Date 3/1/2003
Starting Point Wilderswood (SD652123)
Distance 5 miles

A nice cold spell welcomed 2003 in and today was a cold bright day, ideal for walking on the usually sodden moor, especially between Winter Hill and Rivington Pike.

I parked the car at Wilderswood (SD652123) and walked towards the Pike. At the first left turn I continued ahead on a footpath that appears to lead to Two Lads Hill (It doesn't) till it meets the road to the TV transmitter. The best views from Winter Hill are at the trig point and beyond. I continued to the last transmitter to see the views northwards across to Great Hill and the Trough of Bowland.

I retraced my steps to the Transmitter station and then after 75 yards took a path off to the right which leads to Rivington Pike


At the start of the walk - the path follows an old stone wall


After 100 yards a doorway appears in the wall - why, I haven't a clue.


First glimpse of the transmitters


Closer view


Looking north to the summit of Two Lads Hill


Looking back to Two Lads


Looking back down the path


Looking up the mast


Looking west. The support cables clearly visible along with their anchorage points


Looking back down the lane which is a private road but a public right of way


"Georges Stump" which is a memorial plaque in remembrance of George Henderson.


The view to the east


The Trig point which marks the summit of Winter Hill. There is no cairn. The views from the stile (middle left) are excellent


Looking back to the Transmitter station from the Trig point


The view across to Darwen Tower


and the view across to Great Hill. The Trough of Bowland is on the skyline


Looking down the path to Rivington Pike. This path is usually very muddy, but today's conditions made for easy walking


A closer view of the Pike


Thankfully some board walks have been placed at the worst parts of the path


Snow has turned to  ice


Looking back to Winter Hill


Rivington Pike


Rivington Pike again


The view from the Pike with some of the reservoirs visible