Pictures from Walk 2

The following photographs are views that can be seen on Walk 2

Rivington Unitarian Church. Click here for more information.


Rivington Village Green - October 2012 and below as it was in 2002


  Taken from a slightly different angle to the photo above. The post box and telephone box have been removed, but little else has changed. The nearest building used to be Rivington Post Office  

After going through the kissing gate opposite the Village Green - this view is to the house called The Street.



Left - the steps as they were in 2002

Below in October 2012, a recent wooden fence has been erected and the steps improved. At the foot of the steps a channel has been made and crossing the small stream in now much easier as it used to get muddy in wet weather


The stream and path near Dean Wood in 2002.

The stile at the end has been replaced with a kissing gate


This is the view as you turn right. Although it says "Private Road" it is a public footpath.


The Embankment of Yarrow Reservoir as seen after leaving Dean Wood - 2002 and below....

........October 2012


The same embankment as above, seen from the other end - with the Rivington moors in the distance

After crossing Alance bridge and turning right at the gate - this is the track leading to Lead Mine Valley (Clough)



Lead Mine Valley in 2002.

Apart from the bridge the place in not recognisable now. Trees, mostly pine, cover the hillside. See picture below taken October 2012

Above - the monument to the crew of a Wellington Bomber that crashed further up on the moor. Incidently, the date on the plaque is incorrect. Below - as it was in 2002 Visit this link for more information about this crash
Taken from the Bridge over the overflow - looking down to Anglezarke reservoir. 2012 above, 2002 below. No change here

The view eastwards from the overflow bridge which has a datestone of 1871


The date stone - which is on the reservoir side of the bridge


This is the view across to Alance Bridge from the bridge in the picture above 2002 - Chorley is visible beyond Yarrow and Anglezarke Reservoirs

On the way back to Hall Barn , it is worth stopping to have a look round the grounds of the Unitarian church. This plaque is in the grounds


The church - built in 1703


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