The Castle through Lever Park


Updated Oct 2013 Photo's
Length 2.5 miles
Time 1 hr 15 mins
Terrain Level



Starting Point: Hall Barn Rivington (Grid Ref SD633145)
The walk is mostly through woods and glades, but there are good views to be gained, especially from the castle.
The castle was built by Lord Leverhulme between 1912 - 1925 and was a replica of Liverpool Castle that existed from 1235 - 1725. The folly at Rivington was built to be a ruin and there was never any intention of completing it.


With your back to the entrance of Hall Barn, turn right and follow the path behind the barn. At the first intersection of paths take the right-hand route and again at the second interchange, take the right turning (to the right of a tree). As you descend the gentle slope you pass Rivington Hall to the right. After 50 yards a track veers off to the right, however, ignore and it continue forward. Continue on this wide track until you reach a junction where 5 paths meet. Take the third left.

Continue along this path and you will come to a stone wall on your right. As you are approach a farm on the right, there is an old gate post and kissing gate on the left, Again ignore this gate and continue. The track becomes a mettled road and starts to descend. After 30 yards you arrive at the Horwich - Rivington road. Take the bridleway immediately across the road.Approximately 30yds down the path there is a post with arrows pointing four ways. Continue straight ahead and after another 30 yds then turn left onto a tarmaced track. At the house - turn right (ignoring the track to the house) and continue on a wide avenue. Along here the trees give way to pasture. The avenue ends at a T junction. Turn left.

Very soon, the castle comes into view on the right. Follow the path to the castle. Once inside the castle there are goods views across Lower Rivington reservoir to Blackrod on the skyline. Turning left as you leave the Castle's grounds, pass the corner tower, ignoring the track to its immediate left. Continue ahead for a short distance. Several paths meet. Turn left here and the take the next left path. This is through trees and leads down to the shore of the reservoir. Follow this beautiful path - it will eventually turn right at a wooden fence. The path then begins a big sweeping left turn around a coppice. Follow the path taking right turns at each intersection. Soon the Horwich - Rivington road is again encountered.

Now turn left and walk along the road for a 100 yards. You will soon see the Visitor Information Centre, toilets and Great House Barn on the left. The barn houses a cafe and souvenir shop. Leaving the barn cross the road and follow the signs to Hall Barn and back to the car park.