Upper Roddlesworth is around 60 ft at its deepest point. Like Lower Roddlesworth, it has only one embankment which is 397 yards long. The reservoir can hold 178 million gallons. Its inflow is the River Roddlesworth. It has a large curved overflow at the northern end of the embankment and it makes a nice sight when in full flow. There is also a good footbridge that crosses it, which is part of a footpath that skirts the reservoir. It is more scenic than Lower Roddlesworth


Upper Roddlesworth is popular with fishermen

Tranquil scene at the eastern end of the reservoir. Delightful walking area too

Upper Roddlesworth from the top of its overflow


Last light


The end of the embankment. The overflow goes underneath this section


The impressive overflow into Lower Roddlesworth. This is just the top section


The lower section showing the footbridge - top of photo, and from where the picture before this was taken from


Upper Roddlesworth from the northern path


Upper Roddlesworth from the bridge over the start of the overflow


Looking across to the Northern embankment


View along the embankment to the moorings


Nice view across to the overflow from the moorings